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Shana Tova and TGIF

Absolutely in love with my assistant job at the talent manager's office! I have learned so much about the entertainment industry - learning more and more every single day!

Slow end of the week because of the holiday - Shana Tova! the rest of the afternoon off so TGIF!

Running errands, audition, and working on actor stuff all day until my next job at 6:30. Working a double is more fun when you have a 3 hour break in between!

As for the outfit:

I chose these pieces today because I was planning on going straight from one job to the next and then out to drinks to my boyfriend's good friends bar opening! Wow mouthful.

Lovely torn, Zara boyfriend jeans go so well with chic pointy 80's heels. And making the outfit day time appropriate with a men's polo shirt.

Of course I had a change for top to make this night time appropriate with a white tank and kimono but now that I'm home, who knows what i'll wear....

Happy Friday Everyone!

(p.s. not my bedroom - had a sneak a pic with my boss's big mirror!)

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