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Back on the Home Land!

Ayooo! Back on the home land and ready to get 2015 started!

I've been in Cartagena for 2 weeks and 1 week in NY so gone a total of 3! It feels incredible to be back in my warm cozy bed that I get entirely to myself.

Colombia is one of my favorite places in the world. I visit the city about once a year and I fall more in love with it every time. So full of culture, color, history, architect, life, and always a variety of people.. Its main city, called El Centro, is made up of a bordered fortress coblestone wall originally from a war in 1697. It is one of the first sanctuaries of freed African slaves. Hence Carlos Vives song, La Fantastica!

As for 2015, resolutions are all the range right now and here are a few of my basic's that I think can relate to most us at the start of any new year:

1. COOK more at home. Using your kitchen for its actual purpose (not just Carrie Bradshaw purpose) can truly help with any diet plans you have for the new year. You know exactly what goes into the food you eat because you're the one doing it. Yes it takes a little longer to make but it's reward after you cook a tasty meal.

2. Whether you're single or not, you cannot forget your independence. Sometimes we become so dependent on our loves for every little advice. Try to always ask yourself first before assuming you need a second opinion on something.

3. Delete all of that social media BS! Or atleast as much as you can. As we get older we realize all the dumb stuff we thought was "super cool" in highschool and in College. This one is tough because you have to message a lot of people you haven't spoken to in a while...

Here are some of my favorite outfits I rocked down south as well as some incredible ethnic costumes worn by Miss Colombia!

Mint Green Bridesmaid dress found on Pinterest! aka my bestfriend

colombia wedding 2.jpg
colombia wedding 1_edited.jpg

New Years Eve Haute Hippe Dress found vintage thrifting

colombia new years.jpg

Zara heart polkadot dress with Zara heels and earrings found in San Diego

colombia adris balcony.jpg

Urban Outfitters top, Thrift store vintage skirt

colombia melissa red shirt.jpg

Express sequin dress with Express strapy heels

colombia bachelorette .jpg

Miss Colombia Costumes with beautiful ethnic, cultural, colombian essence

colombia reina 2_edited.jpg
colombia 1_edited.jpg
colombia reina 3_edited.jpg

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