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Here's a little something I learned last week...

When a challenge comes our way, whatever it is, whether we make it out winning or losing, we learn a lesson from it. Whether we beat the challenge or not, we always learn something about ourselves.

But if we are faced with the same challenge again, it purely means we haven't fulled learned that lesson yet and we have to learned it on a deeper, different level.

I really liked that theory. It's an interesting idea. But also oddly accurate.

I feel as if everything is a learning experience. And the more and more we get out of each experience the more we learn about ourselves. The more we get ot know who we are as friends, lovers, employee's, employers and we discover truly who we are. How we handle situations, how we get outselves through, etc

We discover the way we work things out. Do we work out our problems with a lover, brother, sister, parent, friend, or ourselves? Are we ones that come to people, our closest people, and come to them for advice, or are we ones that turn towards ourselves and become introspective of ourselves. Challenges truly help us get to know who we are as humans....

So a couple of words of wisdom for today...

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