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Projects on Projects on Projects!

Projects going up on a Thursday!

Dear People wanting to know whatsup!

On the agenda at Michellelalaland:

I am currently writing a (in my opinion) hilarious webseries with my friend/soulmate/life partner about two 20 something’s building a friendship/living adolescent, and exploring and pursing their lives in LA. Basically, we get into ridiculous situations and we handle them like any normal 20 something year old. SO funny shit happens. Have been working on this for a couple of months now so I'm super stoked to show everyone! Stay tuned end of August!

L.O.L. In the zone^. drum zone. aka counting beats in my head...

And then there's Channing Tatum

Make your own work. Why not. Because we gotta. I've never written a script, play, scene, in my life. But I'm writing this blog, stream of consciousness style. and I'm writing this series, and its good, funny writing. That I'm proud of and happy to share.

Plus I'm funny. I'm just gonna say it. I'm multi talented people. This town is all looks and it could get VERY aggravating at times. People forget that there is depth behind a person. freaking Hollywood. but please and thank you I'm also funny and that’s me. So lets make moves on it!

Its more like, we think we can accomplish so much in this world, have so many ideas, and yet we suppress them or neglect to explore them! We (and I use the generalization of we) feel that there is "no time", we're "too busy", but honestly its all about priorities and what we give value towards. If you give value to watching the entire third season of OITNB then yeah, you have "no time" to pursue your other passions. Bullshit man. We are capable of so much and create so much we just have to enable ourselves to do it. Jump in! Dive in! Dedicate yourself to the creativity around you.

That brings me to my other project: DRUMS

My not so secret passion since like the beginning of high school. The beat, the rhythm, what makes you dance. Its in my blood, I know that, and its about time I explored it. For a while I put it down because of money. Monetarily I felt I couldn’t commit, but again, that’s all priorities because monetarily you probably can't afford those Globel Citzen Music Festival tickets but you figure out a way to get them anyway and have a blast! So why not pursue what fuels you, what makes you a better, happier, fuller, richer, cultured person.

Also Robin Diaz is my teacher which couldn't be more bomb. He is brilliant and I feel lucky and I can't wait to post some jamming vids of me jamming a way eatting some raspberry jam. wham.

Lastly I'm making a character reel!


I'm a character. Lezbehonest. Its in the works but I think ya'll will laugh and enjoy. Will be up by the end of July. We all know my Miley but I got Aziz, my Latina chicks and more! Stay tuned!

Wait lastly lastly, fingers crossed for a very big audition next week with a name I can not say but is a V.ery I.mportant P.erson. das all Immm sayyin.


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