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Vintage cut offs | White cropped tee | Urban Outfitters Kimono | Zara Heels | Plaid Box Bag

Spontaneity! That's what life's all about. Its beautiful. The idea of dropping everything and completely changing your path for the day. Its pretty awesome that we give ourselves that freedom. And people should let themselves feel that freedom more often!

Being able to drop your somewhat set plans for the day and truly give yourself a time to enjoy in the moment, in the day, in that hour - absolutely beautiful!

Yesterday afternoon, My friend and I decided, on a whim, to see Listen Up Phillip at the sundance theater! $5 tuesdays, how can you resist? Whipped our my new rockin' awesome thrift shop hand bag from OUT OF THE CLOSET (5 bucks). Spotted some celebs but all and all had a fantastic time being surrounded by art. And what's more fantastic is that it was MY spontaneous decision to completely surround myself with that art! Afterwards we grabbed a bite then I hopped on to Samuel French (my original plan) and scouted out some awesome plays, along with Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl.

I got a couple of great plays for my Steppenwolf class, one of which spoke to me specifically, through this line.

"but as someone who has been starved of 'being looked after' "

I couldn't resonate more with this sentence. In the past few months, I have felt uncared for.

The wanting of being "looked after" does not make me a weak person. It makes me human. After feeding compliments, advice, and strength to my significant other, I never felt any of that back. Not nearly as much as I was giving. I was slowly being "starved" from being cared for. Cared about.

In a way, the thought of me, in this other person's mind, was merely to help themselves. Benefit themselves in that dark place they were in - rather than wonder what dark places I could need help in...

So, yesterday, I looked after myself. And it felt GREAT! Just to go through my day, for myself, with a friend. Do what I want, for me, no one else, to make myself happy and feel important. Feel like I am cared for.

Sometimes we gotta do it ourselves, am I right ;)

Gave my new purse a day out. A stroll if you will. And she loved it! In love with this plaid gentlelady! Have a happy wednesday!

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