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You are Enough... but never lose focus!

It's been a while since I've posted. Can't give you a good excuse. I've just been "busy" lets say. But that perfectly wraps into my blog for today. I have been so "busy" getting myself involved in so many different outlets of acting and exhausting my mind and working till I was dead beat every night.

This industry is very much one that follows the "gradually, then suddenly" motto. You work your a** off as much as you can, keeping the engine moving using so many different tactics, until you get that break, until someone discovers your talent, until you make your own footage and it becomes viral. Whatever it is, us as actors are constantly trying different ways of keeping our stamina going, of getting our names heard.

Whether it be making your own sketch with a friend, going to random networking events, doing workshops, getting cast in a non-union, non-paid theatre production so SOMEONE can notice you, we try so many different tactics to keep exercising our muscle and to never give up. We have to, of course, because if we keep on the same track of going to class and putting all our faith in our agent or manager then we feel it is their fault we aren't getting the auditions we "deserve" or the opportunities we know we can crush. We can't jut keep to one method. We HAVE to keep trying different things, meeting different people, and hey, if we get nothing out of it, WHO CARES. It feels good to know you did your part and you never know what will come out of it in later time.

I bring this up because I watched this interview for the Paleyfest of actresses giving their younger selves some advice. I feel their advice is completely applicable to myself specifically but all of us now as well.

With that said.. I do feel we all have to work hard, work harder every new day. Of course a break is needed when well deserved but we must keep working our hardest to achieve what we believe we deserve and to achieve our goals or else there will be someone right behind you working just as hard or harder who will achieve it before you or over you. We have to keep ourselves motivated with driven, inspiring people in order to achieve our ultimate endgame.

These actresses tell their younger selves to relax, and know that everything will be all right, and not to worry so much. Sometimes we think we need more. We just have to remember there is a balance. We need to understand and appreciate our self worth and what we are made of but also never forget our determined work ethic. Of course worrying too much is terrible for our well being but I think the worrying we do now helps us get to where we want to be in the future. And I think it helped, in a way, get these incredibly talented ladies to where they are now.

You keep focused, you have your core group of good spirited, motivated peeps, and you work hard. Don't kill yourself over what you can't control, but don't lose focus.

I think this video is give and take. I am just getting over a fever which I think was put on partially by my stress haha so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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