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confidence is beauty


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Last night I was helping my sister prepare for an interview. She is my inspiration for this blog post.

She is one of the most dedicated, hard-working women I know. She is magnetic and captivating. Always willing to lend a hand, rationalize, and dominate. My sister is a full force champion.

BUT she doesn’t see her self through the same lenses as I do. I kid you not when I say how triumphant she is. But of course we are our worse critiques and antagonize ourselves most. We allow ourselves to be defeated by our own words and struggles because it is something we feel it is the one thing in our lives we can control. We can control how happy we feel or how terrible we feel and that negative energy is a much easier outlet to fall into. So we take advantage of that. And that power of owning that control of negative emotion is incredible strong.

We all have been scarred by our past in one-way or another. Whether it’s bullying, unpopularity, being left out or left behind, etc. So many different struggles we have all faced at one point in our lives that has molded us to the person we are today. But self-consciousness takes over us most of the time. We think about the person we were, the names that were called, the judgment that was placed, and we diminish ourselves.

We cognitively stop ourselves from thinking we are great; we are capable of achieving all we want, because of our past. Because of what has scarred us as children, teens, even adults. (Inhuman bosses treating us like scum)

But you CAN NOT let those things take you down. Yes, they have molded us to the person we are today. The feeling of not thinking we are not smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, skinny enough, etc. All that BS stuff that has affected our ego and our conscious view of ourselves. That is what holds us back from fulfilling our true potential.

You can go either two ways: Coming to terms with those struggles and overcoming them day-by-day. Or you can internalize them and let your demons take control of your life. But true strength is not letting those petty things bring you down and restrict you from achieving your own success. Not other’s version of success, but your own.

You may think that it’s rediculously tough being this strong person everyday. To tell yourself that you are better than those things that made you question your strength growing up. Of course, it is one of the toughest things to do. And sometimes we need other people to tell us, remind us how much we have accomplished, what lies ahead, and the type of person we are in this world. As much as we are our worse critique, we are a reflection of the people around us. And if we don’t open our ears and hearts to the people close to us then we are doing ourselves a selfish injustice – denying ourselves from being the best person we can be.

Everyone has faced difficulties in their lives. But it is up to us to decide what to do about it, how to handle it, and whether to move forward.

So stop criticizing yourself for things that happen YEARS ago. You are not the same person you were when you were in middle school, high school, college, even last week! We change and we grow and circumstances flip on a dime so do yourself the favor and stop bringing up the past and telling yourself that it is haunting you. You control what is in your life. You have the ability to choose the company around you and the positive direction that you are going.

Let go of the past, enjoy your present!

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