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Birthday at the Phil!

Club Monaco satin dress - Crossroads Trading Company | Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat | Momma Serje's Vintage 80's white chain link purse

Last night I surprised my boyfriend with tickets to the LA Philharmonic because a. we both have a loving passion for music and b. his real birthday is on halloween. Tricky stuff.

I always love a great excuse to dress up, look fabulous, and feel fierce. The Chamber Music for Strings Alone was our special guest last night which included many incredibly talented string players, one of which appeared on Oprah as a violin child prodigy at a young age, now, playing at the Philharmonic! HERE is a brief synopsis of him on Oprah!

Such a spectacular night, filled with elegance and beauty AND my outfit was still completely affordable while being under a tight budget! I have a major obsession with fur, all and every type. Bring on the faux so this was a complete victory all around!

photo 1-7.JPG
photo 2-8.JPG
photo 3-7.JPG

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