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Friday Chic


GREAT NEWS! Started my week off with my mom. She came visiting from St. Louis and we had the weekend together.Such a fun time together at the Ronald Reagan Museum in Simi Valley and dinner and shopping in Pasadena, where she bought me these awesome black oxford style heels that i'm IN LOVE with!

But... on wednesday I officially got signed with a talent manager! Absolutely love Andrea Kelly from Unlimited Talent Management! Check her out on IMDBpro! The meeting was fantastic and we absolutely clicked! Hit it off like two peas in a pod!

She already set me up with a Commercial Agent and working hard to make me strive. One of the kindest, most inspiring words anyone in this industry has ever said to me... "After we met I called my husband and told him I signed a STAR today!"... WHAT!

So great to have representation on your side and on your team, wanting to make you successful!

Spread the love, share the post, Have a great weekend everyone!

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