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Andy Warhol and Friends


My fall-ish museum outfit below along with photos from the MOCA.

Kimono Crossroads, H&M Autumn orange tub top, 90's distressed denim shorts, ALDO Lace up bootties.

Simple, chic, LA autumnal.

I think I have finally figured out what Autumn looks like in LA. Beautiful, warm, breezy afternoons - Cool, chilly, sweater weather evenings. It's a match made in heaven. Best of both worlds for fashionistas because we can layer down and layer up all in the same day. Each day there is a possibility for an oufit change and who doesn't like to spice up the day with a new fun look!

My boyfriend and I spent last Thursday afternoon at the MOCA exhibit in Downtown LA where we got to enjoy beautiful, original artwork by Andy Warhol (my bf's favorite artist) along vintage photograpy (my favorite art) and abstract sculpture. It was a day filled with a whole variety of art. Fashion. Abstract. Paintings. Photography.

My boyfriend and I are both in the entertainment industry. Myself as an actress and him as a writer. We strive off of all different vesiles of art, as everyone should. Art is sacred and entirely expressive. It provides a catharsis for everyone

If you live in LA, this exhibit is a must. It showcases Andy Warhol's "Shadows" a piece created in his studio in NY. One work in 102 parts. Inspired by "photographs of shadows taken in The Factory"

For more info read HERE!


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