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Yard Sale!

A little delayed BUT keeping my promise!

Hello friends! Starting my first pop-up shop of chic vintage/thrift clothing right here in my garage! Might as well use the space I got!

I mentioned in my post before my wild adventure to South America that I wanted to start my own style thrift stand! I looked into many different flea markets in the L.A. area but it always came down to finding the money to register.

SO, I figured I could utilize the space I have now to showcase all the vintage clothing I have scouted out for all you guys!

I have ruffled through so many piles of clothing from hole-in-the-wall vintage stores to random Goodwill's all throughout L.A. Some stuff mildly expensive BUT all worth it if I can give it a new home and introduce these clothes to my followers and friends :)

Where: Fountain and June, 90028!

When: 12 am - 3pm (Or until I sell out!)

Date: Saturday, Sept 27th

Clothing is limited so come early and induldge!

Style is Art. Clothing is your tool. Utilize and explore what is out there!

Here's a quick snapshot of some goodies I got today.

Vintage London Fog Raincoat | Distressed Vintage Levi's Denim Jacket

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