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Viva Las Vegas Baby!

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VEGAS BABY! First time in Las Vegas and I had the pleasure of staying at the new SLS Las Vegas Resort and Casino for their opening weekend with my boyfriend and his pal's! Such a wacky kooky city with lights gleaming into space and music blasting out from every nightclub. A true party experience. I don't usually party hardy that often here in LA so wilding out vegas-style was a whole new adventure.

SLS Vegas Resort and Casino had such a fun Los Angeles vibe! Making Angelenos feel at home with UMAMI Burger and the scrumpious Griddle Cafe! Fun Fact - I had my first experience with the Griddle out here in Vegas... WOW THOSE PANCAKES ARE HUGE!

Our first night out we made a spontaneous trip to Encore where we stumbled upon a raging nightclub featuring Lil Jon as DJ (What?!) and on Labor Day, my boyfriend and I got to catch an awesome set with David Guetta at Encore Beach Club.

All and all first trip to Vegas was surely one to never forget but I suggest everyone check out

SLS Vegas! Whether you're coming from LA or else where, definitely stop by and check the scenerey because it will give you a taste of the west coast while sulking in the desert!

Simply relax and enjoy the views as you live vicariously through these photos!

**P.S. Please excuse the iphone celfie' - those are rarely made but this HAUT HOT Pink dress just needed some recognition**

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