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Adios my haven

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HELLLO virtual world! Back from South America (MOST INCREDIBLE TRIP OF MY LIFE) and hit the ground running! My life has been a bit hectic after getting adjusted to reality. Searching for jobs, exercising the mind at AMAW, and finding a new apartment…. It was a lot to handle with only 2 weeks til the end of my lease. But now, moving out on Saturday, I’ve found the most perfect one bedroom WITH backyard patio in Hollywood that I can truly call home.

Living alone brings a whole new meaning to freedom. EVERYTHING is yours to grab at any given time. You can walk around in your underwear or naked (which I do now, sorry Juliette) and blast music as loud and as late as you want (sorry neighbors). A whole new chapter, a whole new journey, and… a whole new CLOSET!

It is now time to say goodbye to my room within my room (literally). This graciously beautiful walk-in closet has always been so kind and gentle to my precious gems. (Basically the size of my room from my house I grew up in so there’s a fun fact)

But honestly, it is one of a kind and I have been truly blessed to have such a massive closet space to let my gal’s breath. Yes I personify my clothing and shoes but people personify their cars soo…. so what?!

Please give respect to these four walls and post some comments below! ;)

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