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Birthday Weekend!

Surprisingly, this was an unexpectedly joyful birthday! 23 sprung up with tons of amazing surprises and I am so grateful and lucky to have experienced all of them. The classic and cliche term of "new year. new you" truly takes effect for me this year. No longer working at a toxic hell hole. I feel free and open to wonderful opportunities. I feel more in charge of my life than ever thanks to all the amazing people in my life. So thank you friends and family - even one kind word can make a difference.

23 is beautiful. Will be magical. A year of greatness and unlimited opportunity. Opportunity is endless with the right perspective. Happiness is easy, simple. We have the control to change, alter, join anything and everything we want! Its a beautiful freedom !

Shout out to Alfonzo Luna and Juliette Miller for a magical birthday! Day 1: Magic Castle. Day 2: Wine Vinyard, Safari, Colombian Food. Day 3: EatSeeHear Summer Movie Festival (Plus Food Trucks!!!!) Love you both forever

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