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Sol Style

L.A. based actress/blogger. N.Y. sass-a-frass

"I don't think I have EVER seen you wear the same exact outfit for as long as I've known you" - said almost everyone I know, not verbatum.

Seriously though - coworkers, friends, professors, bus drivers etc have mentioned my style constantly since probably freshmen year of high school so here I go. Finally starting a fashion blog and showcasing all my beauitful outfits for everyone on the interweb to check out and share their opinons.

Read my first post - you'll get an insight on how I view fashion and style but here's a little taste:

Wear the shit that makes you shine. I mean why not? You never know. You’ll never know what you will descover about other decades, other cultures, and of course, yourself. Isn’t it beautiful to learn and understand why one article of clothing became a fad over another. Its effin' magical how a human population can dictate what is trendy and what to LITERALLY put on your body - and it all starts with one person.

Respect yourself. Respect yourself enough to kill it everyday in what you wear. Your style is a reflection of yourself. Who you are in this crazy, beautiful world. So respect yourself enough to put in that extra 10 minutes, 15 minutes, hell even half hour of brainstorm wherever you are so you can show yourself and everyone else what our creative brains are capable of!

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