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Day One: soul style

Urban Outfitters Bandana | Forever 21 T-shirt dress (found at Crossroads) | Workout shorts | Payless sandals

Heres how I see it:

We are beautiful men and woman walking on this earth. Living a beautiful life. Exploring and learning everyday about music, culture, science, arts, and a bazillion more things.

It is our necessity to take that knowledge and utilize it. Transform it into every way we see fit - That is how I visualize fashion and the concept of style. I feel as if I encounter many people that take for granted the precious art of fashion. Each day is a new day of our marvelous lives that we should decorate and celebrate ourselves with the richest, most sickest ideas that one designer took a leap of faith to design for US! We should strive to supersede the outfit from the day before - pushing our creative minds and delving into what inventive facists we are capable of!

Yes this sounds hippie-ish but why not? Why not dress to impress ourselves. Make our selves feel our most beautiful, most stylish selves, showcase ourselves to the world everyday because we deserve it. We deserve to rock out in the hippest shoes, tank, even bandana! Test what we can pull off. Try on pieces of (this decade's, last decade's, 5 decade's ago) art and make ourselves the best artists we know. The artists that are lucky enough to have the freedom, THE FREEDOM, to wear what many can’t even dream of. The freedom to deck ourselves out in wild, wacky colors and risk a bold choice in being unique because clothing is MUCH more than what you wear on a random tuesday morning after a gym workout. It is a statement of who you are. That day. How you feel. and what you give off to the world.

Enjoy my blog and keep posted! I'll be blogging and posting pic's as much as I can. Trust me... my closests worth it ;)

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