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Hugs and Other Drugs

First post in a WHIIIIILE. My apologizes my few readers but thank you for hanging in there.

Updates: I'm off to Peru in one week! I leave for a backpacking adventure with friends traveling through Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru and I couldn't be more excited. To be honest, I am a little nervous. I've never thrown myself out there this much to the point of complete uncertainty but this kind of adrenaline fuels me soooo here i go! We're traveling for 3 weeks so prepare yourselves for some AMAZING, full of life, color, and culture photos from each country.

Today's post is revolved around my stranger friend, Jane Anne. Last Saturday, my roommate Juliette and I were at this adorably eclectic cafe where I spotted my girl Jane A. Her outfit made me do double take and I became entranced by her presence. I noticed she was walking towards a casual looking man and when they met they ignited the most beautiful example of passion and pure love.

Truly, one of the most beautiful hugs I have ever seen. Yes, that does sound a little dramatic of me to say but this hug lasted about 3/4 minutes. THREE - FOUR minutes! I do realize how creepy it was of me to be watching but SOMEONE had to appreciate it.

This hug was pure, genuine and passionate. It made me question when they last saw each other, how deep their relationship was, how they were to each other....

All questions only an actor asks and analyzes.

Needless to say I feel in love with her and that hug. With purity and warmth, and oozed with raw emotion that one rarely sees.

Here is a quick snapshot of the lovely Jane Anne. Her beautifully simple yet diverse outfit of the day is what caught my eye, yet commitment to passion is what gave me a deeper glimpse inside who she is. Thanks Jane for expressing your style and letting me spread the love!

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